Tag: summer

  • David at the 2010 Illinois State Fair

    Yesterday after work we went out to the fairgrounds to partake in the 2010 Illinois State Fair.  Unlike the past 2 weeks, the weather was great and made for a very pleasant evening of walking around. David got to see and touch many animals, as well as enjoy a Corn Dog and some Lemon Shake-Up.   […]

  • Springfield Sliders

    Today’s weather was fantastic so we decided to make the most of it by heading to the ballpark! We took david to a game last year, but he was just a little too young to begin enjoying it.   Today, however, he had a BLAST.  He was cheering the players on and happily watched 6+ innings […]

  • Swimming!

    Springfield finally had weather warm enough for swimming, so we took advantage of it and headed over to Jay and Katherine’s pool for the afternoon.  David took a while to relax in the water but ended up having fun and wearing himself out. More photos on the gallery.

  • Lots Done

    Today was an extremely busy day – after getting breakfast made and eaten I ran a half dozen errands, came back and mowed the lawn, ran more errands (with Ana and David this time), then came back and did some more work on the garden we’re putting in this year. Today I got the frame […]