Circuit City Support absolutely blows

Today during my lunch hour I went to Circuit City to drop off my laptop to get its problems fixed. I was quickly handed a pamphlet and told they don’t do repairs like this anymore. In the literature was a 1-800 number to call. Uh oh. This could be bad.

Oh my gosh. I’ve done the tech support calls before and they’ve been relatively easy to guide in ‘diagnosing’ the problems. What I experienced tonight was pain. I tell him that I notice very loud knocking when I’m doing work on the second partition of the drive. His solution? Let’s run chkdsk on the first partition, even after I told him I ran it on both the night before with no errors reported. I tell him about the entries in the Event Log, and he’s completely confused about what that is. I have to call back after 45 minutes of chkdsk running – I get a new guy and he tells me that I have to now run a system restore. I argue with him about how that will most likely just hide the problem (I won’t hear any noise/trouble when it’s done). He agreed but says I have to do it anyway…

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