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  • Lidded Bowl

    Lidded Bowl

    Furthering my effort to chronicle my projects and progress with a woodworking lathe, here’s my latest creation. My first bowl with a lid. Using Kent Weakley’s great tutorials and videos at, this was a breeze. Since I really only have small stock available, the results are quite a bit smaller than I’ve seen elsewhere…

  • Pen and Pencil Set with a Case

    Pen and Pencil Set with a Case

    I recently completed a pen and mechanical pencil set as a gift, but before sending it off thought I would take the opportunity to try making an accompanying case to hold them. I wanted something with a smaller profile than the pencil boxes I’ve made before – something more along the lines of a hard…

  • Next Up – Some Bowls!

    Next Up – Some Bowls!

    As mentioned in New Shop Addition, I have started learning how to use a lathe. In the past couple weeks I have started learning how to do faceplate turning, as opposed to spindle turning used in making pens. For now I’ve concentrated on bowls and small dishes. We’ll see where it progresses, but right now…

  • New Shop Addition

    New Shop Addition

    This past Christmas, my workshop gained a new piece of equipment: a lathe! It’s a Grizzly T25290, 12×18 and boy do I like it. The day after Christmas I drove down to Rockler and Woodcraft and quickly learned how much other stuff you have to buy – turning tools, sharpener, sharpener stand, chuck, adapter, safety…

  • Recipe Box

    Recipe Box

    A small recipe box made of jatoba and walnut.

  • Blackstone Griddle Box

    Blackstone Griddle Box

    For my birthday this year, Ana gave me a 17″ Blackstone griddle which we’re planning on giving plenty of use while camping. This model came with a hood, but I’m not comfortable just stacking things on it – which is sure to happen as we’re loading the truck up for camping. With this in mind,…

  • Cutting Board

    Cutting Board

    This weekend I completed my third end grain cutting board. Unlike the first two, this one features a juice groove and finger grips on the sides. These were new techniques for me, so it was a tad stressful making cuts into an otherwise perfectly good cutting board. But I must say, now that it’s done,…

  • Leather Hinges

    Leather Hinges

    Another style of box I’ve made from the Basic Box Making book by Doug Stowe features a leather hinge. This was the second kind of box I made from the book and was the first time working with another material. They’re pretty handy, we’ve got several of them put to use in the house –…

  • Pencil Boxes

    Pencil Boxes

    Another box from the Basic Box Making book which I’ve built in the past 6 months is the pencil box. My sister is using one for crochet needles, another is just sitting on my desk, and I honestly couldn’t tell you what the others are holding. These were the first box joints I’ve done. These…

  • Small Boxes

    Small Boxes

    In an effort to learn some new woodworking skills, I’ve been working through a book, Basic Box Making by Doug Stowe, on small box making. I’ve made several different types now, each one better than those before it. Here’s some of the first set, made with a mix of oak, cherry, and walnut. In one…