Finally got the lawn mower out of the box tonight. Since I had gotten that far I figured I may as well cut the grass. The front yard went very smoothly, but the side of the house where our temporary sump line deposits was a pain in the butt. Part of the problem was the grass which had flourished and grown a good 8 inches, the other part was that the ground is super saturated and felt like a swamp as I ran the mower over it. It killed the mower four times it was so thick and wet. We’re calling the contractor tomorrow and inquiring about when they’ll be burying the line.

After mowing, Ana and I went out to Lonestar for some steak and then to see The Ladykillers. It’s a pretty funny movie, albeit strange.

I just looked up the status of my laptop shipment and it seems that Fedex has just now (at 6pm!) sent it on its way. I made the trip over to the distribution center last night thinking it would actually make a difference, but I was wrong. Expected arrival date in Vernon Hills is the 26th :(





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