Durham, part 2

Today is our last full day in Durham with David and Libby, which really sucks because I’d rather not go back to all the crap waiting for me at work. Anyway, we are heading to Wilmington, NC to go to the beach.

On Tuesday, due to the less than desirable weather forecast, we went to a mall and roamed around a bit. I had a beer in the food court, just because they offered it. (It’s very strange to be sitting in the middle of a food court and drinking a Budweiser…) After leaving the mall we drove over to Jordan Lake to view the large population of bald eagles before heading back for the day. We all went and saw The Village that night. Overall we thought it to be a crappy movie. Maybe I need to watch it again, this time forgetting about how the trailers portrayed it. I dunno.

Yesterday involved a little canoeing, my first time. It turned out to be a lot of fun and I expect we’ll do it again in the future. The portion of the river we went on was supposed to take 4 hours – Ana and I were done and out of the water in well under 2. Ooops. After that short boat trip we tried to find a place to picnic but ended up just eating in the car as we drove around. We wanted to go into one of the parks around the lake to eat, but they charge $5 – measley I know, but when you’re someone who rarely carries cash around, that $5 is hard to come by. We drove around for quite a while looking for an ATM, and finally found one at an IGA grocery store. Not turned on. No money for me. Eat in car. The evening brought a nice dinner in, followed by a showing of Gattaca.

So today we are going to the beach. I’m probably going to be taking quite a few pictures because we have a few rooms at home with bare walls. Anyone that’s seen our house knows that the majority of pictures we have hanging are products of my digital camera, so I have some work to do.

Tomorrow we are headed to the Smokey Mountains (Tennessee side) where we have rented a cabin for the night. Should be a lot of fun, and I’ll probably pull out the telescope I’ve brought along.





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