The past couple days have been pretty interesting. We woke up a little later than intended on Sunday becuase of our late night. We purchased a metro pass and went to the Capital, Arlington National Cemetary, and the National Zoo. We watched (pictures to come) the Changing of the Guard at Arlington, which was very impressive. Ana really wanted to see pandas so we went to the zoo in the afternoon. We topped off a tiring three days with a very nice dinner at M&S Grill and retired fairly early.

This morning we went to the Lincoln Memorial to get a daytime picture to hopefully end up in our reading/living room. After checking out of the hotel we went to the National Holocaust Museum. Wow, if you are ever in DC, you have to go visit. Be sure to plan for 3-4 hours too, we were limited in time and really regret it.

We are now sitting in David and Libby’s living room watching a movie. It’s great to see them and their beautiful new house. We had a very tasty dinner, Mongolian Grill of all things, topped off with an ice cream for dessert. I really wish we had a restaurant like that in Springfield.

I’m using their internet connection to start uploading pictures from the past three days, so check the gallery for updates!





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