PostgreSQL 8 Beta

This evening I went and downloaded the new PostgreSQL 8.0 Beta which now runs natively on Windows. I’ve installed it but haven’t setup the Chef database yet because of my reliance on the fulltext module for text indexing – I’m not yet sure what fulltext searching options are available in 8. Anyway, it’s on my machine, with the intention of getting the Chef db running like it does on linux so a few people I know only running Windows can also run my software. I’ll provide more info as it comes.

Shortly I’ll be ordering a processor, memory, and hard drive for my new barebones PC. I think the plan is to make it my desktop, turn Windev into my web server, and maybe retire the current webserver. The only thing that is going to be hard about that plan is turning Windev, my longtime Windows DEVelopment machine, into a Linux server. Oh the humanity!





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