Where’d the day go?

Today was an unexpectedly busy day. It started off with me making a computer repait visit (someone I’ve helped out for years now..) at 8:30am. His computer was in pretty bad shape and resulted in me bringing it back to the house for disinfection and general cleansing. Windows ME is such a horrible thing.

The remainder of the day involved cleaning, buying storage and shelving, and more cleaning. The first cleaning was our general all-over-the-house kind which takes a couple hours. We then went on a shopping spree at Lowes, resulting in a Muscle Rack for the basement, a cabinet with baskets and doors for Ana’s sewing room (pics soon), and an organizer cabinet for the office closet.

After putting everything together I decided to start cleaning up the office and made very good progress. I finally got around to finding out what was on a bunch of used and unlabeled CDRs as well as pitching a TON of old software (CD and floppy) I haven’t touched in at least 4 years. It feels good to get it out of the way once and for all.





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