What a Weekend

This is gonna be a long one…sorry.

Paul Tarr’s wedding was this weekend in Columbia, IL so Ana and I decided to take the opportunity and spend the weekend in St. Louis. Before heading down there on Friday after work, we made a stop at the Annual Chatham Sweet Corn Festival to listen to the band Jay is in, Cinnamon Toast Funk. After some delicious corn and great music, we hit the highway and were on our way to St. Louis.

Our first stop was to Busch Stadium to see if there was any chance of us sneaking in late in the game when they open up the gates, but we were a few innings to early and just had a nice walk around the outside of the stadium. We did get to see the new stadium so it wasn’t a total loss. At around 9:30pm, we decided to head over to our favorite restaurant in The Hill, Zias. As always, the food was awesome. After a short stop to check into our hotel in Clayton, it was off to the Waldenbooks in the Galleria… for the midnight distribution of Harry Potter. Oh the joy 🙂 Ana’s been reading the book on and off all weekend.

On Saturday we spent a good portion of the morning shopping in the Galleria and the afternoon in the St. Louis Science Center. It has been a long time since my last visit…. wow, I had forgotten how much fun it is! I even had my first visit to a planetarium. We had to cut our Science Center visit short and head to Paul’s wedding and reception in Columbia.

Today was a lot of fun. We went to a Cardinals store in the Galleria and treated ourselves to several new Cardinal jackets, shirts, and sweatshirts. After that, and a trip to Crate an Barrel for a few things, we decided to head to the grocery store Viviano’s on The Hill to get some great Italian food. But, somehow we forgot/didn’t know that they were closed on Sundays and left empty handed. This really confuses us because we swear we’ve stopped there in the past on our way back from St. Louis on Sundays. Shrug.

After that disappointment, we decided we would just head home. On a whim, I decided to swing by Busch Stadium and see if I could procure a pair of tickets. (this weekend has been a sold-out series with the Houston Astros). We ran across someone a couple blocks from the stadium and the price was right…score!

Or so we thought. Busch Stadium this year is doing something new with their tickets, they are scanning them as you enter the park. When we tried getting in, we learned that the tickets had been used already, but the gentleman suggested we just go to a different gate and say we had exited the park and needed back in. We tried a few gates and kept getting turned down, but finally had success. The game turned out very well, got a lot of sun and got to see a good pitcher’s duel.

We headed home after the game and I mowed the lawn. As I was sweeping up, a man and his wife (from the neighborhood) were walking past and stopped to ask what I do to get the yard to green. Woo, go Scott’s Turf Builder!

So that’s it, we’re really tired from all the sun and Ana is reading Harry Potter as I type this.





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