When I want to print some of my astronomy photos, I usually take them to Meijer’s Photo Lab on a memory card and use their photo kiosks to submit them for printing. On Saturday I went online and discovered they now have a Windows client application that allows photos to be submitted from home. I downloaded and installed the app, submitted my photos, and picked them up at the local Meijer just over an hour later. Worked flawlessly and I highly recommend it.

In the past I’ve tried Wal-Mart’s digital photo services, but the astronomy pictures I tried just came out very poorly. I think this was due to Wal-Mart trying to be smart and make adjustments to the submitted digital photo, and it getting aweful confused when the pictures I was printing were 99% black.

Since I’ve been printing them at Meijer, they’ve come to know me and often comment on how much they like printing the ones I send in. Saturday I printed one of my sunspot pictures and, when I picked them up, the lady explained that she was really confused about what the picture was – until she saw and recognized my name. At least I have a fan!




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