Today we went and purchased a pair of Schwinn Suburban Sport Comfort Bikes (men’s and women’s)! Also picked up a few accessories for riding like water bottles, bike pump, etc. Our first impressions of these bikes are very positive. The seats have springs underneath (as you can see in the pictures) and are made of gel which make for a pretty comfortable cushion.

In an effort to lower my blood pressure (along with eating less garbage), we’ve been trying to become a little less sedentary in our free time. Often this has taken the form of walking and racquetball at the courts at work, but there have been a few times when we didn’t feel like driving all the way back across town to play. So having bikes will allow us to quickly get some exercise. We live very close to the Lost Bridge Trail (map here) which is a paved bike path between Springfield and Rochester, so I imagine we’ll be making quite a few trips on it in the future.





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