Longhorn Steakhouse

Ana and I dined at the recenly opened (within the past couple months) Longhorn Steakhouse. We were expecting something in the range of Lonestar, both in price and taste.

Boy were we WRONG!

I ordered a filet and Ana ordered a serloin. First, the prices were a bit steep compared to Lonestar, and inching into Alexander’s territory (the BEST place for a steak). Second, the food sucked! The steaks were soooooo salty tasting that I ended up not even eating the entire thing, which is almost unheard of. Not to mention that my filet appeared as if it were “grilled” on an appliance you might find at McDonald’s or Taco Bell (think the grilled burrito machine) – it was unnaturally flat and “even” (for lack of a better term), looking as if it were pressed with a hot iron. Grill lines? Who wants those!

The salads were ok, although the ceasar dressing was almost non-existant. The potato was ok, although it’s hard to mess that up. The beer selection was poor, I ended up with just a Killian’s instead of a Black and Tan or Newcastle Brown.

I warn anyone thinking of eating there. Shame on us for not going to Alexander’s.




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