Software Design

The other day I realized I have what seems to be an ackward way of going about designing (at a high level) software. When presented with a problem (requirements, etc) that I need to solve, it doesn’t seem like I really put my brain to work on it. I find myself putzing around, shufling papers, surfing the web, reading, etc.. instead of actively “working” on the problem at hand. Every now and then I will check-in on the problem in my head and see if I see the answer. If not, it’s back to doing whatever else I was doing.

That will continue for a few days, while I feel like I’m half-asleep and in a stupor. Inevitably, the solution will form in my head without me having actively focused on it. It’s almost as if I don’t want to brute-force an answer, but let it stew until the answer presents itself.

The past several projects at work have been like that. The outcomes have been interesting and have worked very well, so I suppose this approach isn’t a problem. Sure feels a little strange though.

Anyone else do this?






2 responses to “Software Design”

  1. Dave Avatar

    That’s also how we expected you to get / work through the 373 homework.


  2. EJ Avatar

    After the experiences in 273, I prayed through 373 🙂


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