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This weekend was spent painting the bedroom and bathroom to get ready for some furniture we bought that I believe is still on a boat crossing the ocean with Columbus.  BUT in the chance that they find an engine somewhere out there and it arrives sooner than expected, we went ahead and did the painting this weekend while we had 4 days to do it and recover.  In addition to painting, Eric also installed 2 new sink faucets and a new lighted exhaust fan.  While the new faucets went in with only one run to the store to get a crescent wrench and some goo that really wasn’t required, the exhaust fan was a whole nother story.  We actually had all the pieces for that one (except for the light bulb which was harvested from my bedside lamp), but this required that Eric venture into the attic that contains drifts of blown in insulation.   He waited until evening to begin in hopes that it would cool down slightly, but it didn’t.  After probably an hour of working up there he came down entirely soaked through.  He looked as if he had been tarred and feathered with all the insulation sticking to is clothes and skin.  The only bright side to this episode was that the fan and light worked on first try and nothing was left in the attic that required him to go back in to retrieve it.  There was also going to be some additional electrical work to rewire some lights that were wired in such a way that really makes no sense, but that will wait for cooler temperatures.  After describing this whole scenario to my mother, and describing Eric as a painter, electrician and now plumber, she simply replied, no he’s a home owner. 






2 responses to “Home Owner”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Neat. Does he do other people’s houses?


  2. EJ Avatar

    Only in the immediate Springfield area…


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