Communications shuffle

I’ve made a few changes to our household communications – I ditched my treo 600 (and relatively expensive cellular plan) and got a new, plain cellphone and joined Ana’s cell account.   So instead of my $60 cell bill, both of them together will be $60.  And that’s before Ana reimburses $50 for work.  That’s right, we’ll be paying $10 for two cellphones per month.  After that move, I signed up for Vonage so we’ll have a home phone for the first time in years.  We would have gone with a traditional land line if it weren’t for the $200 fee to get phone service hooked up to the house (new construction, has never had phone service).  We’re going with Vonage’s $14.99/month plan which should be ample.

I got rid of the Treo because it started locking up again when I received calls, and often when trying to make outbound calls it would immediately say No Service and drop it.  It would often take 8-10 attempts to get an outgoing call to take.  The last time this happened (6 months ago maybe), I purchased a new battery and the problem went away.  But, being fed up with it, and wanting to make the changes mentioned above kept me from just buying a new battery this time around.

It’ll be a little strange not carrying around a pda like I have for the past 8 years.  But I really haven’t used much of the pda functionality since graduating from college.  Now I’m like the rest of the population with a nice small cellphone.






2 responses to “Communications shuffle”

  1. Dave Avatar

    New cell phones are overrated.


  2. EJ Avatar

    Agreed, that’s why I got the plainest one around.


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