Accident on Rt. 29

Today going home from work on IL 29, I was forced to stop for traffic backed up due to road construction.  No problem.  The person behind me didn’t think it was a problem either.  However, there was a woman behind them that was paying no attention and promptly ran into them pretty good – sending them into me.  I’ve was watching it unfold in my rear-view mirror and was able to release the break and start turning the wheel towards the the left lane when the impact took place, so my car has very little visible damage.  Jay was in the car with me at the time and we both were just fine.

Both passengers in the car behind me were taken to the hospital, and the woman’s car who started it all looked pretty bad.  So I spent a little while on the phone tonight with the insurance companies.  I was actually suprised that I had 0 hold time, and the process moved along quite well.






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