XM Radio

We have two XM Radio receivers, one in Ana’s car and one in our family room.  Ana loves it, but until recently I just hadn’t listened to it much since the one in the house is in the family room where not a whole lot of time is spent (in the summer).  So a couple weeks ago I bought another cradle and hooked it up to my desktop in the office and I’ve been listening to it much much more.

I’ve always liked having news (cnn, fox, etc.) on in the background while I work, so I installed Windows Media Services on my Windows server at home and setup my desktop to create a stream from the XM.  End result is that I can listen to streamed xm news all day here at work, just as if the tv were on in the background (a couple of the news feeds on XM are simply the audio steam from the tv channel).  I’ve used it for a few days now and it’s really working out nicely.  Go Media Services!






3 responses to “XM Radio”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Does XM let you stream from the website? I know Sirius does – your subscription gives you a login to stream without needing the hardware or relaying bit.


  2. EJ Avatar

    Oh you get a login, alright. BUT it has maybe half of the channels available. No cnn, no fox news, no Mix, etc.. In short, it blows.


  3. EJ Avatar

    Ok, the “maybe half” part of that comment is exaggerated. But it’s still fewer.


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