Justin’s a Gamer

Last week, Justin Long proclaimed his desire to be a gamer. So he ordered a new PC and it arrived early this week. It’s kinda hard to be a gamer when all you have at your disposal is Minesweeper and Solitaire, so he had to order Myst IV and Battlefield 2 (to join us in games).  Well, Myst arrived yesterday and he spent the rest of the day playing it.  The guy who says he’s usually in bed by 10 was up until 1 this morning and had no recollection of time passing.

We’re not too sure if this is better than his last great pasttime: Beer drinking at Spammy’s.  I’ll keep you posted.






4 responses to “Justin’s a Gamer”

  1. Dave Avatar

    heh. Does the cubicle still say Long Johnson?


  2. EJ Avatar

    No, although for a week or two we included a third co-worker’s nameplate to make the phrase NotLongJohnson. Had to take that down before some clients came through the building though 🙂


  3. EJ Avatar

    It’s official, Justin has now participated in online play of Battlefield 2.


  4. Brandt Avatar

    And probably gotten his ass handed to him…


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