David vs. the IRS

We waited much longer to file our taxes this year because the good ol' State of Illinois took nearly forever to get a social security number provisioned to David.  They must have a room full of monkeys banging out SSNs until they find an unused one... (psst.... Illinois... if you used an INFINITE number of … Continue reading David vs. the IRS

Dwight, meet Edward

Now, before you think being at home has already made me go crazy - please note that my plant has been named Edward McConaughey for about 2 years now.  What's amazing is not that Edward is related to the infamous Matthew, but that I've kept a plant alive for 2 years!

No Waste

I generated this today, and ended up not needing it.  In the spirit of conservation, I'll put it here so it doesn't go to waste. 8122289b-cabb-4799-9f46-614ae9a56402


Picture this. You fire up your game console of choice and in no time you are driving a motorcycle (actually any motororized vehicle) in medieval times! MotoJoust MoatCross MotoSeige (attack and overtake the castle) Princess Run (mad race through the castle, up to the princess in the tower) Cannon Dodge (avoid getting hit by the … Continue reading MedievalMoto

Just a question

This photo was taken from CNNs front page, presumably from a press conference announching that Al-Zarqawi. What I wonder is, where did they get a frame on such short notice.. and more importantly, why did they think a frame was needed??

Mark your calendars

In the spirit of the oranges, I'd like to report that this week I have eaten 4 apples!  Two more remain on my desk for today and tomorrow.  I think this breaks a 10 year apple hiatus.  Amazing. In related news, I also ate a serving of oatmeal this morning at my desk.  That's probably … Continue reading Mark your calendars