Radio Shark

As many of you know, I have a Radio Shark setup at home for recording radio shows.  Overall, the software sucks for it.  Getting it working for the first time was nothing short of a miracle – it had lots of trouble recording to a network drive.  For weeks it would not record right, but after fiddling around with non-recording settings, it would magically start working.  It felt like there were terrible bugs all over the place, particularly in the app settings area.

That aside, the scheduling was very weak and cumbersome.  So, I’ve been looking forward to a software update for a long time.  During the past few months they released a new Mac version, but zilch for the PC.  Yesterday I just happened to visit the website to look for updates and noticed they are now selling a Radio Shark 2 device that allows recording of internet radio.  And there’s new software for it.

I looked at the support page for the regular Radio Shark, but they make no mention of any new software.  On a hunch, I decided to download the installer for the Radio Shark 2 and see if it would work on my older hardware.  As expected, it did!  And so far everything about it is 100% better, only time will tell if the scheduling actually works correctly.

So for all you “version 1” Radio Shark owners – go get the new software on the Radio Shark 2 page, it’s definitely worth it.





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