3 Olives

That is what you get now when you request olives on your Subway Sandwich.  I learned this the hard way, after requesting olives be added the nice girl in training who was making my sandwich put the standard handful on my sandwich (close to 10 olive slices) and was promptly corrected by the veteran sandwich artist training her that it is 3 olives only, just like the pickles, so the offending/profit busting 7 additional slices were promptly removed.  My question is why?  Is the profit margin so low in that franchise that anything more than 3 slices eliminates all profit?  Surely not.  And what is the point of offering a condiment if you are going to limit the quantity to such a low number that you can’t even tell it is on your sandwich?  I have asked both of these questions to the Subway company but they have not had a chance to get back to me at this time.  My guess is they are looking for other ways to increase their profits – limiting the amount of lettuce to 10 shaving slices only.   






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  1. Teresa Avatar

    I went to subway on Monroe tonite and someone in line in front of me got a sandwich and wanted olives and the man put quite a few on the sandwich. Sounds like more that what u got. just wanted to let u know. lol


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