Back to work

Tomorrow I head back to work after the nice little Holiday break.  On short notice I decided to take today off and play with my new toys rather than try to concentrate at work.  For the remainder of the week I’m planning on leaving work an hour or two early each day instead of just taking the entire day off.  Ana, on the other hand, has to burn some vacation time so she’s home all week.

I received some great gifts this year.  Among them are: a dvd burner; a gamepad for my pc; a couple of software-related books; and a pair of Garrison Keillor CD Sets.  I hope everyone we gave gifts to enjoy theirs as much as we’ve enjoyed ours!






2 responses to “Back to work”

  1. Dave Avatar

    What is that gamepad? A controller you hold with both hands, a side keypad when used with a mouse? Something else? What are you using it for?


  2. EJ Avatar

    It’s a small keyboard of sorts. I’ll be using that and a mouse in the other hand from now on when I’m playing Battlefield 2.


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