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A week ago, Jay brought up the topic of movies on demand in his house. He was starting to look hard at going the DVD-to-hard drive route, when he ran across this awesome Media Center setup from Sony. That’d be a fantastic solution if I were willing to pay that much for it. Unfortunately I’m not.

Int he past I’ve made several attempts at having a computer in our living room hooked up to our tv. At one point we had been using MythTV for a year or more. It was a bit clunky but worked. But then we got an HD tv and started renting a dual tuner HD DVR from our cable company and disbanded the Myth box. Several months after that, my parents gave me their unused Tivo so I setup Galleon to allow us to play our MP3 collection with it. I think we’ve used it once. And now that my PC is in the next room with a decent set of speakers, I see us using it even less than once in the future. Shrug, I’ve tried.

But now the thought of on-demand movies… We have a lot of DVDs but hardly ever watch them because we’re…ahem.. too lazy to get them off the shelf I suppose. Instead, we often find ourselves watching the same movies we own on TV – with the commercials and crappy picture. On-demand would be very helpful. However, I don’t like the idea of (these overlap, don’t complain) 1) building a computer to drive it, 2) paying for the computer to drive it, 3) have the annoyance of MythTV or the cost of Media Center. In short, I don’t want a computer in my living room running it all. I’ve tried it and I find it just too annoying.
So today I think we solved it by purchasing Sony’s 400 Disc DVD Changer. It took a while to get configured with all of our movies, but it’s now up and running. All 200+ of our DVDs are now just moments away for a lot less money, time, and annoyance than a PC.






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  1. Scott Fenstermacher Avatar
    Scott Fenstermacher

    Nice! I’ve been burned by those changer units before though. I think a Myth machine (or two) is going to appear in the next few months. I’m thinking a front end with those Gigabyte I-RAM drives might be sweet…


  2. EJ Avatar

    I’ve never had a changer before, so hopefully this will be a positive experience.

    I used Myth through the early teen versions (.12, .14 or so). When it worked it did a good job, I just got tired of all of the tweaking and babysitting involved. Many have probably been fixed since, but things like broken program guide xml listings, annoying upgrade process, and maintenance of yet another pc just were just enough to make me stop using it. I just got to the point where I want to press a single button and have it go. That’s almost sad when I see it typed out….


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