LightScribe DVD Burner

Ever heard of LightScribe? It’s a technology created by HP for “direct to disc” labeling, which means you can make labels on your CDs or DVDs. No cheesy paper labels, the laser is used to burn it in. Very cool idea.
The laptop I purchased said it came with this capability. It wasn’t a selling point, but I thought it interesting and that I’d give it a shot some day. That day came last week when thought it’d be neat to make CDs of the offical Chef releases. Kinda dumb, I know. But a way to try out something new.

I spent an hour or so trying to get the software on the laptop to recognize the drive and ended up on the HP website chatting with a support tech. They informed me that the drive in my laptop was not, in fact, LightScribe capable. I was a little mad because the box and label said it had it, otherwise I would have never known about the technology.

That’s when Jay pointed me to a $30 drive that I ordered and was delivered tonight. I just got done burning my first label/disc (using the easy to use SureThing CD Labeler SE software) and I have to say that I’m very, very impressed and excited about this capability.

Here’s my first disc (click to enlarge):

First Lightscribe Disc

You’ll notice the background is faded and the title logo isn’t very dark – that’s all because of the images I used.  The title is the red one located on and the background is a semi-transparent/faded image used on the Chef splash screen.  Pretty damn cool if you ask me.





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