Windows Vista Business

This is my first post under Vista!

I  obtained a couple free copies by watching some online training videos, and they arrived last week in the mail. I was going to wait until HP was set to release drivers (so they said anyway) for my laptop on Wednesday but decided to give it a shot without them.

The entire installation process for a clean install (wiped partition) took at most 45 minutes, and I have to say that was the smoothest Windows install I’ve ever done.  Everything has just worked, from the wireless network to the video.  In fact, it downloaded and installed the new nvidia driver without me telling it to on the first boot.

I’m running Aero, and it seems pretty darn slick.  Way to go Microsoft, and thanks for my free copy.






2 responses to “Windows Vista Business”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    would love to get a free copy of vista how do you get one ?


  2. EJ Avatar

    Microsoft was running a promotion targeted towards IT professionals at Had to watch a few Vista-related videos and they sent me the DVD 6 weeks later.


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