Snow, snow, snow

As reported by a fellow Central Illinoisan, it’s snowing like crazy today. Ana and I both decided to go to work this morning, even though there was a blizzard warning in effect. We decided to just come home around noon though, as reports kept coming in on how bad the roads were continuing to get.

On the way home, the roads were crappy as expected and we got stuck pulling into our driveway which had accumulated quite a load of snow in the few hours we were at work. After a little pushing and shoveling the car was back in the garage safe and sound. In the mean time, a neighbor couldn’t get into his driveway with his cargo van, so I donned my warm, carhart astronomy gear and helped push his van too. Before it was all said and done I helped another neighbor with their Trailblazer, a 4×4 nonetheless.

So I’ve been inside all afternoon playing around on the computer and watching the wind whip around the snow the keeps falling. I think the weathermen were finally correct with their predictions of snow until midnight. They’re saying we may end up with 10-15 inches by the time its all done. That should make for another fun morning.

It has been a long long time since it has snowed like this, but it has also been a long time since we’ve had a real winter here in Springfield so I guess it’s well overdue.





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