Those around me know that my car has been slowing breaking, bit by bit over the last year+.  It seemed that around the time for every oil change, something else would break on the car and end up costing 200-400 bucks.  The Check Engine light came on again a few weeks ago and during that repair it was discovered that a few more (rather expensive) repairs would be in line for the near future.

Given that we didn’t want to keep throwing more money at a car that was falling apart, and that we don’t have a vehicle we’d trust for long trips (Ana’s has been more reliable but had some transmission issues last year), we decided it was time to ditch the Intrigue.

We now have a silver 2006 Impala LTZ with 12,000 miles.  It’s in the same class (in my opinion) as the intrigue: handling, size, comfort; but has a few very nice additions that have spoiled me already.  Things like remote start, heated seats, 6-disc in-dash cd changer that plays mp3 cds, etc.  The heated seats are amazing, I swear they heat up in under a minute.  That combined with the remote start has kept us from sitting in a cold car, a welcome change 🙂





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