Computer Parts II

As a follow up, my new computer is together and running.  We didn’t really run into any issues, other than Microsoft’s phone activation for XP being “down for maintenance” on Friday night.

The plan was to use my new video card alongside a rather old one of mine (MX440) so I could continue using 3 monitors at home.  That hit a snag when Vista wouldn’t run on the old card – so I had to go buy another (albeit much cheaper) video card at Computer Deli in town.  So now I’m back up and running with 3 monitors – whew, crisis averted.

I have run into an odd problem with Visual Studio, however.  Every single time I start it, it prompts me for what type of environment I’d like to start out with (configuration settings for c#, c++, etc.).  For some reason after it writes the settings file to disk, it has trouble reading it again so it asks.  Over and over and over.  I think I’ll uninstall, reinstall and see if that takes care of it.  I’ve been running vista on my laptop for a month now and never had this issue…





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