Visual Studio on Vista

As mentioned I installed Vista on my new desktop, since I have been running it on my laptop with Visual Studio for a month now without any real problems. Go figure, I ran into an issue that has been bugging me for the past couple days.

The symptoms are as follows:

  • Every time I start VS, it prompts me for which initial environment I’d like to use (C#, C++, etc).
  • If I look at Tools..Options..Import/Export Settings, the settings file path doesn’t include a drive and root directory – it’s just Visual Studio 2005/Settings/CurrentSettings.vssettings.
  • If I go to that Import/Export Settings screen and then try to leave it without changing anything, it blows up regarding the messed up path.
  • Each time I exit and re-enter VS and view that setting, it has appended a new number to the filename. Sure enough, I can see lots of those files being created.

The problem?

It turns out that VS didn’t like the fact that I changed the Location of my Documents folder to point to a network share. Pretty odd behavior though, glad I remembered I made that change.




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