Here we sit at Panera this beautiful Sunday morning.  Knowing the time change was coming, we went to bed a little earlier than usual and got a good night’s rest.   As the alarm went off, I looked at the time on my clock (one of those fancy, auto-setting clocks) and then at Ana’s (another fancy, auto-setting one) and discovered that my clock didn’t Leap Forward!

So we missed church this morning and decided to come to Panera and lounge around before heading over to Ana’s parents’ for our weekly visit.

I have always mildly chuckled at our clocks – they are on opposite sides of the bed and always display different times even though they are supposed to be synchronized with the US clock.  My explanation is that my side of the bed is closest to the next time zone 😉






One response to “DST”

  1. EJ Avatar

    Just an update – I unplugged the alarm clock this afternoon and when it came back on it still has the wrong time. I’ll probably need to adjust the timezone for a few weeks.


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