Week Roundup

It has been a busy week.
I’m sitting here waiting on the 1.0.0 build of Chef to complete so I can begin testing. 5 months ago I targeted April 1 as the release date, but I feel very good about have the code complete and starting thorough/final testing on that date. I’ve worked on the last few features and bug fixes for about 5 hours today and it’s looking good. I’ll just need to do some end-to-end testing on the various platforms, polish up the release website and I’ll be all done.

Yesterday Ana and I spent a couple hours digging up our side yard. Last year’s grubs were terrible to it, killing all of the grass and paving the way for dense weeds. We’ll be tilling it up and replanting grass in the next week or so. It sucked, and I hoped we don’t have to do that again.

The work week went well, but started off rough with Ana having to take Neo (one of our cats) to the emergency vet at 3:30am Monday. A month or so ago he had a urinary problem that we treated, but it apparently didn’t go away completely so he got blocked and couldn’t go to the bathroom. He woke us up in the middle of the night howling, and he couldn’t move without pain. He spent 3 days at the vet and is back home now, in a pseudo-solitary confinement so we can monitor his bathroom usage. His medication will last a couple weeks but we should be able to let him out of solitary in a day or two.

There’s great weather outside.

The Cardinals are starting their season.

That’s all I’ve got.





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