Any Vi fans out there like myself that spend their days in Visual Studio?  A couple years ago I looked around for a way to get Vi behavior in the Visual Studio editor, but came up empty handed.


Then I was browsing around this morning and ViEmu for Visual Studio appeared.  Finally!  I just installed the 30 day trial and so far it’s exactly what I wanted: vi functionality tightly integrated with Visual Studio without losing VS’s other great features.  I’ll be trying it out for a few days and see if I run into any issues – I’m not an advanced vi user so I don’t expect I’ll find any.  But if I do, the author seems to have excellent response times to issues and feature suggestions so I’m not too worried about it.

Check it out, I think this guy’s got a great product.






2 responses to “Vi”

  1. Dave Avatar

    So what vi commands DO you use?


  2. EJ Avatar

    Well typically:

    The navigation (h,j,k,l,H,L) ones, marking (mx, ‘x), searching, *, I, A, dd, D, yy, p, P.

    I just don’t do crazy stuff like running scripts or executing shell commands from vi.


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