This weekend I’ll be heading out into the local “wilderness” for some camping.  For the event I’ll be getting out my telescope, something that hasn’t happened much in the last year (once actually) so I’m really looking forward to it.

Just last weekend I got the scope out and stayed up late and remembered how much I enjoyed the hobby.  That evening I was able to get setup, view, and tear down in well under 2 hours so it proved that I shouldn’t use the excuse of it taking too long.  Which is good, because in 7 months time will not be in my favor 🙂

I’ve purchased another filter for my camera (a neutral density one for those interested).  Hopefully it’ll arrive before we leave on vacation; it sure would piss me off if it arrives 5 hours after we depart.  Anyway, I wonder why my hobbies include high precision optics (astronomy and photography)….  sure isn’t cheap.




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