For the first time in a long time (10 months or so I think), I have my telescope seutp and getting acclimated out back. I probably won't be out long, but I've had the itch lately to get back out beneath the stars.  If you're in my area, come on by for a look!


This weekend I'll be heading out into the local "wilderness" for some camping.  For the event I'll be getting out my telescope, something that hasn't happened much in the last year (once actually) so I'm really looking forward to it. Just last weekend I got the scope out and stayed up late and remembered how … Continue reading Camping


I was able to finally get outside under good skies for the first time in over a month. I grabbed a few shots of Saturn that turned out pretty well, larger than my past pictures of the planet. Click to go to the gallery for this and a couple other new shots.


When I want to print some of my astronomy photos, I usually take them to Meijer's Photo Lab on a memory card and use their photo kiosks to submit them for printing. On Saturday I went online and discovered they now have a Windows client application that allows photos to be submitted from home. I … Continue reading Photos