Chef Update

It has been a while since mentioning Chef here, and I’ve had a few people ask me about it.  So here’s a quick update.

No, no sales yet.  I am getting a few downloads per week, which I’m pleased about since it is a 260MB download.  Maybe one of these days someone will take the plunge and purchase.

I have for the most part been taking a break from development, although I do have a decent amount of fixes ready for 1.1.  The big thing left to do is to tackle the download/install process.  I’m going to take the SQL Express install out of the installation package and let it get downloaded after the user installs.  This should kill two birds with one stone: a less intimidating, smaller download; and a simple way to verify the number of installs.  I’m really dreading going through the testing of the installation process since it takes so damn long, but I need to get on it.

Meanwhile, we’ve started to use it more and more at home even though we’ve yet to get a pc into the kitchen (pending an island or bar or something).  It’s proving to be a nice piece of software to have – if nobody else ever uses it, that’s their loss!





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