HP Touchsmart PC

Almost a year ago we purchased a Touchsmart PC by HP for our kitchen to run my recipe software, Chef.  It has been a great addition to the kitchen and is a perfect match for the software. HP recently revamped the machine with the latest model, and it looks pretty darn cool.  If you're looking … Continue reading HP Touchsmart PC

Chef 1.3.20

I just released the latest version, 1.3.20, tonight.  A few new things include: recipe rating; cooking times; preparation times; better search capability; ingredient preparations; bug fixes; and more bug fixes. If you're a user, go upgrade!  If you aren't a user, give it a try! http://www.ejichef.com And now it's midnight, time for bed.


A little over a year ago I posted about Payment Processors for taking payment for Chef. Shortly thereafter I went ahead and signed up and integrated with SWREG.  Over the past year I have been pretty happy with them regarding the capabilities they provided, as well as their prices - I've been able to accept … Continue reading Bye Bye SWREG

Chef 1.3

Chef version 1.3 is released! The big change in this release was the conversion over to a tag-based system for Categories (both Recipe Categories and Ingredient Categories).  So now instead of going to a separate tab and drag-dropping a recipe into categories, you just type the categries in as a comma-separated list.  For example: "eric's … Continue reading Chef 1.3


With just over a day to go on the Poll to the right (The TV show ER: Should it stay or should it go?), it's 8-3 in favor of getting rid of it! Too bad I don't have any pull on the matter. This weekend I'm hoping to get version 1.3 of Chef posted on … Continue reading Tidbits

Visual Studio 2008

Earlier this week I received a free copy of Microsoft's Visual Studio 2008 by being an Action Pack subscriber and completing a short little web tutorial and quiz. I installed it last night and decided to get the Chef code/projects converted so I could start using it. The usual project conversion wizard popped up as … Continue reading Visual Studio 2008

Recipe Slideshows

Chef has a feature called Recipe Slideshows which allow you to view a recipe fullscreen in a PowerPoint-like format that's much easier to read while you're cooking than the small text of a cookbook, or the regular view of a recipe in Chef for that matter. I've had that feature around for a while, but … Continue reading Recipe Slideshows