Chef PC!

The day has finally arrived. We have a “Chef PC” in our kitchen!
Chef PC

This is the HP Touchsmart IQ770. That’s right, it’s a 19″ widescreen, touchscreen, all-in-one desktop running Windows Vista Home Premium and Microsoft Media Center. We first saw it Friday night at Office Depot, and today they had it on sale for $300 off.

Overall, it’s a pretty loaded machine – dual core AMD, 2GB RAM, 300GB hard drive, TV+FM tuner (gotta run cable to it still), wireless connection, gigabit connection (gotta run some networking to it), DVD burner with lightscribe, etc, etc.

Thank you HP for coming out with such an awesome machine that’s a perfect fit for Chef. It sits tucked away in the corner of our kitchen providing lots of cool capabilities (calendars, music, Chef!, tv, games, weather). It’s exactly what I pictured a couple years ago when I started writing the first incarnation of Chef; cool to see it actually running in the kitchen tonight!






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  1. […] Last night I decided to start burning the recovery DVDs for the new HP computer in our kitchen, but the burn kept failing on writing/verifying disc 1.  After several attempts and ruined DVDs, I hopped online and spent 15 minutes chatting with an HP support rep; restore DVDs are en route to my house.  Thanks for not being a PITA, HP. […]


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