FTP problems on Windows Vista

This is an addendum to On Windows Vista from a couple months ago. This weekend I’ve been making some modifications to the installation process for Chef, making it so the database engine isn’t packaged with my installer and making it such an enormous installation package. So now I have it so that when Chef is run for the first time, it will (if needed) download the SQL Express install from my website.

All fine and dandy, until I needed to upload the SQL Express install to my hosting account. I usually just fire up my FTP client and never think twice about it. Well this time it didn’t work. A couple megs would be uploaded and then the client would ask me if I want to overwrite the (incomplete) file on the server. I tried several times with FileZilla to no avail. Then I tried SmartFTP which is certified for Vista. Same thing. Figuring I couldn’t go wrong with WS-Ftp, I gave that a shot and it too failed.

Today I tried the upload from my Windows 2003 server using FileZilla, and it worked without a hitch. WTF.  Just to rule out a problem with my internet connection the previous day, I tried again from my Vista desktop and it failed once more.

Has anyone else seen such behavior?




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