RadioShark with Windows Vista

If you’re like me, and own a RadioShark and have been unable to get it working under Windows Vista, check out Snaptune One.  It’s software that does exactly what the RadioShark software does AND it works on Vista!  Thank you Snaptune One!





3 responses to “RadioShark with Windows Vista”

  1. Bill Moore Avatar

    Also try RedButton which works with the shark and Vista. It integrates a program guide from RedButton and integrates local AM/FM with internet radio.


  2. EJ Avatar

    Thanks for the tip, Bill. I was going to “live with” Snaptune even though I don’t like the UI very much because I hadn’t run across any alternatives.

    Being able to set recordings from the web with RedButton looks great. I’ll check it out.

    Thanks again!


  3. […] Since last November, I have been using a piece of software called SnapTune One to use my RadioShark (live AM/FM as well as time-shifting and recording) in Windows Vista; it has worked very, very well.  One of the main features, that I don’t use at all, is the ability to sift through recorded radio and identify songs (names, artists, etc) for you to listen to later – and it works with internet radio stations too. […]


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