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  • Internet Explorer 10 Skipping Keystrokes

    I’ve been running Windows 8 for a while now on my laptop, and ran into a very frustrating problem with Internet Explorer 10. When typing on a webpage, I often found it skipping keystrokes. It seemed to get progressively worse over time, to the point where I found myself having to hit a key 3 […]

  • How I Use Lightroom: Collect and Share

    In the first post in this series I discussed importing your photos into Lightroom and explained how I have Lightroom configured to import into a nicely organized, folder structure based on the import date. So you’d think I’d use this all the time, right?

  • How I Use Lightroom: Getting Photos Out

    How I Use Lightroom: Getting Photos Out

    One of the first hurdles users new to Lightroom run into is how to get to the images they have edited. It’s common to think I imported them to the My Pictures folder, so I’ll just use Windows Explorer to grab a copy.

  • How I Use Lightroom: Taking Out the Trash

    In the previous post I described how I use the Import window. As I mentioned, I don’t exclude any photos at that stage. I bring everything in and then quickly make a pass where I figure out which need to be deleted.

  • How I Use Lightroom: Getting Photos In

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an excellent piece of software I’ve recommended to many of my friends who have been bitten by the photography bug. It catalogs and organizes all of my photos, allows me to quickly and efficiently edit them, and assists in pushing the end results for others to see. While on the surface it is targeted to professionals, I’m no professional and wouldn’t enjoy photography nearly as much without it.

  • Microsoft Office 2010 and Visual Studio 2008

    If you use Visual Studio 2008 and install Microsoft Office 2010, it looks like there’s a very good chance your Visual Studio Web Designer will be clobbered. The symptom is when you go to visually edit a web page (html, aspx, etc) in Visual Studio, it will appear to completely lock up. Actually, I think […]

  • Trillian Astra

    I’ve been a Trillian user for quite some time, having used one of the first versions in beta form. Sadly, the current version has been showing its age and late last year I was forced to stop using it because it had become unreliable on the Windows Live Messenger platform, which I use for work.  I […]

  • Favorite Software?

    Leaving development tools aside (ahem, Visual Studio, ahem), what are your favorite software titles?  You know, the ones you use daily, are truly useful, you couldn’t live without, and are just plain fun.  Here are mine, in no particular order: Microsoft OneNote 2007 – This is such a little known piece of software, but one […]

  • Launchy

    A few days ago Brian introduced me to a little piece of software called Launchy that has quickly displaced my Windows Vista Start Menu Search. It is much quicker than searching with the Vista start menu and has a lot more features. It’s like a smart Run window (you know, the window that pops up […]

  • Visual Studio 2008

    Earlier this week I received a free copy of Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008 by being an Action Pack subscriber and completing a short little web tutorial and quiz. I installed it last night and decided to get the Chef code/projects converted so I could start using it. The usual project conversion wizard popped up as […]