This just in, Ana’s platelet count is 17,000.  Anesthesiologist wants her to be at 85,000 before they’ll give the regional anesthetic and 55,000 before surgery period.  They will be giving her the first round of platelets at 10, then do another blood check after that.   Immediately after the blood test has been drawn, they’ll toss another bag on.

Note to self: they’ll be giving her IV steroids every 6 hours to replace her prednisone for the next few days (100mg).

4 thoughts on “Counts

  1. Still reading the blog. Still no productive work at LRS. 6 cups of coffee. Oh, and the bathroom at LRS has been destroyed again. #2 is everywhere.


  2. Sweeeeet.

    They’re prepping her for the infusion right now. Doing the whole nuclear-code-reading procedure to make sure she’s Ana.


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