Happy Birthday Ana!

Today is Ana's birthday, so David and I spent some quality time in the kitchen getting this cake made.  It turned out well, and David's choice of toppings is quite the addition! Happy Birthday Ana, We Love You!

Happy Birthday Ana!

Today is Ana's 30th birthday!  The day didn't go quite as smooth as she wanted for her birthday (leaving work later than desired, having to get a raincheck for dinner out thanks to David's head-first, running swan dive off of a couch, etc.) but it's looking up!  Here's Mom and son after having enjoyed the birthday cake (made … Continue reading Happy Birthday Ana!


Ana's new PDA arrived today, the Asus A626, and it's pretty darn cool.  Now I want one, but I have to keep telling myself that I'm near a computer for the vast majority of my day so there's just no need...damn! Ana discovered that along with her new job at Memorial, she was spending a … Continue reading New PDA


That's the number of platelets floating around Ana's body today.  A marked improvement over her previous dismal countings of 7,000 and 10,000. So that was the real, first post-spleen-removal test they've gotten counts from her on.  Definitely a positive sign.  More tests next week to keep verifying. Thanks again to everyone for all of your … Continue reading 307,000


It's 2am and we just got back home.  The surgeon that removed Ana's spleen (and the one that had her go into the ER tonight - errr, last night) actually came in around 1:30 and talked with us and did a quick checkup.  He said that the pain wasn't due to the gas used in … Continue reading Home.

Unexpected trip…

To the hospital.  Tonight Ana started experiencing very painful shoulder pain that was making it painful to breathe, so her surgeon advised her to come into the ER to get checked out.  They've done EKGs, xrays, and the like and everything looks ok.  It sounds like the best guess is the gas they put in … Continue reading Unexpected trip…