Happy Birthday Ana!

Today is Ana’s birthday, so David and I spent some quality time in the kitchen getting this cake made.  It turned out well, and David’s choice of toppings is quite the addition!

Happy Birthday Ana, We Love You!

Happy Birthday Ana!

Today is Ana’s 30th birthday!  The day didn’t go quite as smooth as she wanted for her birthday (leaving work later than desired, having to get a raincheck for dinner out thanks to David’s head-first, running swan dive off of a couch, etc.) but it’s looking up! 

Here’s Mom and son after having enjoyed the birthday cake (made by your’s truly). 


The cake wasn’t a looker, but tasted pretty good.  And I think you’d be hard pressed to find another one with “11110” in candles…

Anniversary Saturday

This coming Saturday is our 5th wedding anniversary (well that sure went quick).  To celebrate, we’re headed to St. Louis for some baseball followed by italian food.

I secured some tickets through Stubhub.com that will put us in the 5th row of Diamond Box seats behind the visitors dugout, complete with waitress service for when we buy those $12 beers.  When the game is done we’ll head over to The Hill for some great food.  We typically go to Zia’s – anyone else have recommendations?

Platelet Update

I just wanted to give all of you a heads-up on Ana’s platelet counts.   As most of you know, her counts were up to right around 300,000 after getting her spleen removed.  They stayed this way for a couple weeks, but two weeks ago she dropped down to 64,000. Yikes, we were a little freaked out, but a week ago she went up to 224,000 without changing any medicines or getting any other types of treatments.  Very encouraging since in the past her counts never increased without some intervention.

Due to that increase, she has resumed her taper off of the steroid prendison.  This week she dropped down to 15mg/day so we expected her counts to be down as a result.  Nope, this morning she was tested and she’s at 384,000. Woo!

She hasn’t heard from the doctor yet, but we’re expecting to be able to drop to 10mg/day.  Wait..what is that?!  Is that the light at the end of the tunnel?  We’re sure hoping so.  Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.


Ana’s new PDA arrived today, the Asus A626, and it’s pretty darn cool.  Now I want one, but I have to keep telling myself that I’m near a computer for the vast majority of my day so there’s just no need…damn!

Ana discovered that along with her new job at Memorial, she was spending a lot of time out of her office but still needed quick access to her email and calendar.  So it was pretty clear that she could use a pda or smartphone.  Luckily, whenever she’s offsite, she’s at one of the other hospital buildings will full wireless access.  That combined with our unwillingness to pay for these expensive cellular data plans made the choice for a standone pda very simple.  The connection speeds sure beat cellular too.

So I got it all setup tonight and it’s happily syncing with her Exchange account at work.

As the former owner of a few PalmOS devices, I never got to play around with Windows-based PDAs.  I really liked what I saw.


That’s the number of platelets floating around Ana’s body today.  A marked improvement over her previous dismal countings of 7,000 and 10,000.

So that was the real, first post-spleen-removal test they’ve gotten counts from her on.  Definitely a positive sign.  More tests next week to keep verifying.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your help, prayers, and good wishes!