T minus 5:45:00

Good morning everyone!

Here we are – just a few hours to go.  Last night we rented a couple Wii games, Jay and Katherine came over, and we were able to make the evening go much faster than the day went.

We’re packing up the last couple things now in preparation of heading in to the hospital, so stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “T minus 5:45:00

  1. Well I will be thinking about the both of you and my prayers are with you. Im so excited to see if its a boy or girl. Good luck and talk to you soon.


  2. It’s go time Ana, you will be awesome! We will be checking on you here throughout the day! Can’t wait to meet Baby J!


  3. Alrighty! I’m glued to the blog today. No productive work coming from LRS. I’ll be an uncle in about 5 hours. I can’t wait!


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