5 thoughts on “Home!

  1. Welcome home…I hope your first few nights at home are as memorable as the first one in the hospital. What a wonderful and touching blog from daddy!! I have had a bit of a family crisis this weekend, and tonight admist it all, I thougth I’d come out and check on the Johnson family. It definately lifted my spirits! Have a wonderful week. Jennifer


  2. I’m glad the blog was able to provide a little lift in your day.

    The first day home went very well, even with the introduction to the cats and his first bath (by us). The warmth put out by the fireplace was a hit.

    Ahhh, does our bed feel nice.


  3. Welcome home! He looks very content in all the pictures – surely the sign of a baby loved. Let me know if you need anything…i would love to come hold him and get a baby fix!


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