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  • Sugar Creek Covered Bridge

    This past Saturday I got up before dawn and drove out to Sugar Creek Covered Bridge, in hopes of getting a good looking, while unique, photo. It’s very frustrating when you make such an effort and walk away without anything to show for it, but I don’t think this is one of those times.  I made a few good […]

  • 4 Years Old

    4 years ago I posted his first photo online and now, thousands (ok, tens of thousands) of photos later, David has turned 4 years old. It’s so hard to believe. On one hand time has flown, and on the other it seems like he’s been with us forever. Come April, he’s going to make one […]

  • That’s Really Pretty

    Last night as we were leaving David’s YMCA swim class, the sun was setting behind some clouds and it was already starting to get dark outside. A few blocks away, nestled among other buildings, the tower of the Cathedral caugh my eye; it was lit with several lights shining up on its sides which really […]

  • Back to Monticello

    Saturday we went back over to Monticello for their monthly running of their “Southern 401” steam engine. David enjoys trains period, but particularly likes the sights and sounds of the big steam engines. Between runs I got to take David up to the engine cabin so he could see everything, including the fire. On our […]

  • A Walk in the Park

    Happy 4th of July everyone! We spent the morning taking a walk through Lincoln Memorial Gardens and generally just kicking around. David brought his camera along too, and we had fun stopping every now and then to take some photos.

  • Summer Portraits

    It has been a while since our last photo session, so this morning I got all of the gear out and setup for a quick shoot. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so quick.  And wow it takes alot of effort to get a 2.5 year old to cooperate! After about an hour and a half I felt […]

  • David at the 2010 Illinois State Fair

    Yesterday after work we went out to the fairgrounds to partake in the 2010 Illinois State Fair.  Unlike the past 2 weeks, the weather was great and made for a very pleasant evening of walking around. David got to see and touch many animals, as well as enjoy a Corn Dog and some Lemon Shake-Up.   […]

  • Back to the Zoo

    On short notice, we decided to take a day trip to St. Louis today. When we first woke up this morning the weather didn’t look favorable, at 7am St. Louis was showing 94%+ humidity, so we figured we would just find something indoors. But on the way there the sky was overcast, the temperature wasn’t […]

  • No More Monkeys

    David has been singing this a bit lately and it’s pretty funny… http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=13406767&server=vimeo.com&show_title=0&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=c9ff23&fullscreen=1 (edit: video hosted by Vimeo now)

  • Springfield Sliders

    Today’s weather was fantastic so we decided to make the most of it by heading to the ballpark! We took david to a game last year, but he was just a little too young to begin enjoying it.   Today, however, he had a BLAST.  He was cheering the players on and happily watched 6+ innings […]