The Whole Family

As this is my first post, I just wanted to say hello to everyone who has been keeping track of our events via the blog. I know that there were many thoughts and prayers that have helped get us through everything these last few months, weeks and especially days. Thank you for your love and support, we appreciate it and know that it made a difference.

We are now all home and doing very well. As many of you know (or may all know) we have 2 cats that have been treated as our children since we were married. Affectionately known as ‘the boys’, our cats have been a large part of our life and there was much concern as to how they would adjust. Well they are both adjusting in their own ways.

Neo, the older of the two, has decided he isn’t too sure of the little one. Don’t worry, he isn’t aggressive, just taking an avoidance strategy but also quite upset at me for brining him home. He will allow me to pet him if David is not in the room. He sometimes forgets he’s mad at me and lets me hold him, but the instant there is a reminder (smell, sound, etc) he gets upset and leaves. He’ll come around, he’s my big boy and has been the center of attention for a while so this is hard on him.

Dozer, also known as Eric’s cat, has impressed us both with his acceptance. While he’s not keeping guard over the little one, he has definitely not given him the cold shoulder. He is doing what he can to make sure his place in the family is still as active. For those who know Dozer, he loves being the center of Eric’s attention, so when Eric is reading to David or holding him, Dozer is on the other side and paying just as much attention. When we were giving David his first bath, he (David) cried the whole time. What surprised us was Dozer’s reaction. Dozer was right there, seeming to be yelling at me to stop hurting him and was very concerned for David during the whole ordeal. It was a touching reminder of my family’s old cat Sandy who used to console Maria and me when we were crying or upset.

Anyway, we have grown as a family. While we’re not sure if we will be able to break the habit of referring to the cats as ‘the boys’, they will still remain a part of our growing family. David is doing well in his second day at home and I’m doing what I can to take care of the two of us and remember to ask for help instead of trying to over-do it. Hard for me since my mother did a fantastic job of raising her daughters to be independent. Thank you mom, but don’t worry, I’ll ask for your help (and others). Eric is doing a fantastic job of getting everything done and harassing me when I try to do something I shouldn’t be doing.






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  1. Mom Avatar

    Thanks, Ana,I love all three of you too. Sometimes I worry that you and Maria are too independent. Maria scares the liver out of me with her snowy drives hauling a horse trailer. You need to know that it’s OK to lean on mom & dad too. Eric has quite a burden to carry these days. I’m trying not to be the dreaded mother-in-law, but I can’t stop being the new Grandma!!


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