Well, it seems that I’m normal and my ITP was pregnancy induced. We made our second outing for my first post hospital blood count today and I am at 110,000 for my platelet levels. The low end of normal, but still normal. I think we may have also forgotten to mention that David had his blood drawn in the hospital to determine what his platelets were before his circumcision and his levels were at 275,000. So he is also normal and I didn’t screw him up too badly on that front.

I have also started the process of getting off of the Prednisone. Had my second day at the first step down dose with no horrible side effects thus far. My next appointment for blood checks and final signoff (hopefully) will be in the first week of January. At that time I will be nearly off the Pred and we will have a good understanding of what is truly normal for me.






2 responses to “Cured!”

  1. Bob Avatar

    Good news all around! Glad it’s getting straightened out.


  2. EJ Avatar

    Yeah that was a big relief.

    You should have seen all of the nurses that have gotten to know Ana over the past few months at the clinic – they just streamed out to visit David and take pictures. They even went and grabbed the hematologist to come look at him.


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