Ana gave me a compound miter saw for Christmas, so I can now attempt a few projects around the house like crown molding.  I’ve never really been very good at building things, but I suspect that’s mostly because I: 1) just don’t try to often and 2) never have the appropriate tools. So, needless to say, thus begins what should be an interesting little adventure.

Yesterday I discoved that before I can actually properly use the new saw I need to mount it to a table/workbench.  Well I don’t have a suitable table.  Much to my dismay I learned that the solution to this is to… build one.  So that’s what I did tonight – I built the frame of what is a very simple yet sturdy work bench.   All that’s left is the table top and shelf and it’ll be ready to accept the saw and other tools.  I was really surprised that it’s actually looking and feeling like a real, sturdy workbench!

I used this website as a guide, and will be making a few additions such as built-in electrical power with a switch to turn off the whole table.






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  1. Kate Avatar

    I like the category “wood”. I will definately be keeping up on that one. Hopefully there will never be a post that combines “wood” and “hospital”.


  2. EJ Avatar

    I’m really hoping that the electrical switch I add will help reduce the likelihood of wood+hospital.

    Maybe I should also install a call button of some sort so I can press it and Ana can get the car ready upstairs in the case of an accident.


  3. Scott Avatar

    Miter saw is one of my most used tools. Problem is, I use it everywhere (inside/outside), so I just use an old Black/Decker portable workbench and mount it on that when I need it. Then hang it on the wall when not in use, out of the way.

    Personally, I hate the bottom shelf on workbenches, it only bruises my shins. I left the space under my workbench open, it’s handy to keep the shopvac under there for cleanup.


  4. EJ Avatar

    I thought about the shin problem as I was putting it together. But, like all new things I try, I made sure to not deviate from the directions so I could at least prove to myself I could get it made without screwing it up before improvising.

    I think I’ll probably end up making at least one more of these for the basement, so I may go the shelf-less route on that one.


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