Table Saw Upgrade

In early March I finally felt worthy to upgrade from an inexpensive Hitachi jobsite table saw to a real one. The inability to consistently create accurate and repeatable cuts on my little Hitachi was causing so much frustration that I was finding myself avoiding projects. The fence was garbage, the entire thing wobbled, and I … Continue reading Table Saw Upgrade

Another Project

Here's this weekend's project, the white thing above the window...  more photos available. I also put Ana's shelves up, but we decided to put them in the office to match the new window feature.  

First Project

This weekend I used my new saw for something a bit more delicate than the workbench.  Decorative shelves for Ana's sewing room!  So they wouldn't look too crappy, I also had to buy a router this weekend (the non-electronic kind, who would have thought...).  I've never used one before but it turned out quite fine. … Continue reading First Project


Ana gave me a compound miter saw for Christmas, so I can now attempt a few projects around the house like crown molding.  I've never really been very good at building things, but I suspect that's mostly because I: 1) just don't try to often and 2) never have the appropriate tools. So, needless to say, … Continue reading Project