Dwight, meet Edward

Dwight Shrewt meet Edward McConaughey

Now, before you think being at home has already made me go crazy – please note that my plant has been named Edward McConaughey for about 2 years now.  What’s amazing is not that Edward is related to the infamous Matthew, but that I’ve kept a plant alive for 2 years!






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  1. Justin Long Avatar
    Justin Long

    I was there when Eric adopted Edward. That was a very special day. It’s been my pleasure over the years as being Edward’s personal barber.


  2. EJ Avatar

    I’m now the proud owner of http://www.WheresDwight.com, so in the coming months be looking out for an announcement here of a fun new site…

    (edit: fixed the link because, as Brian noted, “.COM,” is not yet a new TLD)


  3. Brian Avatar

    Is “COM,” a new TLD?


  4. Jessica Long Avatar
    Jessica Long

    Dang- I wish I would have known this a few weeks ago. I could have taken him to Google!


  5. EJ Avatar

    Ohhhh, he could have gone to Google!


  6. […] a quick update on Edward McConaughey – He’s doing great and growing like never […]


  7. Jan (aka...Aunt Jan) Avatar
    Jan (aka…Aunt Jan)

    Eric…pardon my ignorance, but who is Edward McConaughey and where do you have him sitting in your house…I never knew you had a green thumb! Lots of love to the both of you!!! (That is… Ana and you, not Edward!)


  8. EJ Avatar

    Edward is the infamous Matthew’s younger brother – and he just happens to be a common house plant. He sits about a foot away from me every day here at my desk.

    Does that clear things up?


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