Dwight, meet Edward

Dwight Shrewt meet Edward McConaughey

Now, before you think being at home has already made me go crazy – please note that my plant has been named Edward McConaughey for about 2 years now.  What’s amazing is not that Edward is related to the infamous Matthew, but that I’ve kept a plant alive for 2 years!

9 thoughts on “Dwight, meet Edward

  1. I was there when Eric adopted Edward. That was a very special day. It’s been my pleasure over the years as being Edward’s personal barber.


  2. Eric…pardon my ignorance, but who is Edward McConaughey and where do you have him sitting in your house…I never knew you had a green thumb! Lots of love to the both of you!!! (That is… Ana and you, not Edward!)


  3. Edward is the infamous Matthew’s younger brother – and he just happens to be a common house plant. He sits about a foot away from me every day here at my desk.

    Does that clear things up?


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